Thursday, July 3, 2014

Small steps and more damage

The last few weeks have been fairly slow, but then again, can we expect anything else!?

We finished the install of the split system heads in the bedrooms and downstairs as well as finished the install of the ducted reverse cycle system to the living areas and front study/spare room.

We provided these units ourselves and used our own aircon guy to finish the install and hook them up to the external units. 

This is the head in one of the bedrooms. Bad iPhone photo! For some reason the colour is off too :-/

This is the control panel for the ducted reverse cycle system. We did test out the heating and it kicks in quite quickly. The area heated up within a few minutes which is great. 
hitachi airconditioner

Caulking was finally done so the corners of the tiles look a lot neater now. 

Except this bit on the base of the ensuite shower where the caulker didn't smooth the silicone...

The front porch deck is finally finished so we can now get from the driveway to the front door. This is a terrible photo which makes the steps look like they're on an angle - they're not, it's just a really poor photo!
porch deck merbau

The deck off the laundry is almost finished. They still have to finish the steps from the garage down to the deck and the stairs from the deck down to the ground. You will notice that the steps overlap the window slightly. This is because there is a 200mm variance in the finished floor level of the garage and the house which meant that we had two options - have REALLY steep steps or have them overlapping the window slightly. I chose the later as 1. I don't want to fall head first down the stairs, and 2. The washing machine will (hopefully) the disguise the fact the stairs overlap the window.

We have also had our rangehood installed. The white protective film is still on it.

Not impressed that the tiles I had to import from Italy were scratched/marked during the install :'( If I want this tile replaced (they're over $200 per tile!!) I have to import it and wait 3 months :( I've tried various cleaners without luck. 

We also noticed that a chunk was knocked out of our retaining wall :( not happy! It appears that it was knocked by an excavator. We did flag this with the builder and asked that he fill the hole up as we intend on rendering that retaining wall. 

There is still a long list of things for the builder to complete and fix prior to handover. I hope my next post will show much more progress - and less damage!

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