Monday, July 14, 2014

Real estate agent shopping

Looking for a real estate agent to sell our current home is not something I wanted to do again. For the same house. Within a 6 month period. 

Way back in February we signed up with a vendor's advocate because, well, we couldn't be bothered dealing with real estate agents. The idea was to move to the new house then make our current house look more like a home rather than a storage yard. Then we would list it for sale. Due to the build dragging on we never actually were able to list our house for sale. I think we are the only clients of the vendor advocate whose 3 month contract expired before the house could actually be listed for sale. I feel somewhat privileged that he will forever remember us, even if it is for the wrong reasons. I did refer a work colleague to him who achieved an excellent result at her recent auction so I think he forgives me. 

Now we are thinking we may as well go direct through a real estate agent because it would be just as painful whether we have to deal with an estate agent or a vendor advocate. We have an estate agent coming through tomorrow night to view our house and provide a market assessment. I think what is more likely to happen is a load of butt kissing, sales speak and a few percentages thrown around. 

I hope we haven't jumped the gun and approached estate agents too soon. Today we had one small timber handrail replaced at the new house. With next to nothing happening today I'm expecting to see things rocket along the rest of this week...

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