Saturday, February 15, 2014

Let there be plaster!

....and on the 346th day the builder said "let there be plaster".

I'm so excited that plastering has finally begun. We have waited so long to get to this point. 

I have never seen so much plaster delivered in my life. They had to use a crane to get it down the block.

Here are some shots of plaster when it was delivered. You can also see our cornices and metal ceiling battens were also delivered.

All this plaster was delivered more than a week ago. Plastering started a few days ago.

Here are some pictures of the plastering that has been done so far.

Downstairs facing towards the staircase. The powder room is on the right. 

Facing the other side of downstairs. To the right is where we will be putting a bar in. 

Now some upstairs pictures.


Hallways looking towards master bedroom

Entry niches. This is the one opposite the front door.

To the right of the front door

Niche to the left of the front door

Inside the theatre room.  That void/cupboard space to the right of the room is where all the AV equipment will be stored. 

Meals area

Looking towards the kitchen from the family room

Looking at the kitchen & WIP from the meals area 

Family room

Solar hot water panels were placed on the roof a couple of weeks ago (terrible photo - it's the best I could do!)

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Spa is ordered!

We bought a spa!! :D Well, we put a deposit on one. It has to be ordered/built so hopefully we will have it by April/May. It will be placed outside next to the decking and we will more than likely continue the deck around it. 

It's a decent size at 3.5m x 2.3m.

This is an aerial shot of the shell
outdoor spa
But we ordered it in white 
outdoor spa

Friday, February 7, 2014


Ceiling and wall insulation batts were installed today - looks like fairy floss!



The bricks in the corner section of the garage were cleaned today. Unsure why just a small section was done but I assume this means the rest will be done shortly!?! The bricks look sooo much better cleaned. You can see the difference in this picture
boral barwon brick

Close up of the cleaned section. I love our brick. 
boral barwon brick

Cavity sliding door frames were delivered today too

Hubby also purchased our sound insulation batts today. The builder offered to install these for us which is great :-)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Decking started and bathroom deliveries

Our decking for the alfresco has started
merbau deck

The brick pillars around the porch have been finished. These will be rendered along with the rest of the porch and some of the front of the house. 

Bath delivered :) 

Two shower bases delivered

The builder has had problems with getting the brick cleaner on site so that still hasn't been done. 

A site clean was done this week so things aren't as messy which is great. 

I sent my Laminex order form off today for the Crystal Gloss kitchen doors and panels (we are supplying these to the cabinetmaker to install) and I will be phoning Sketch Tiles tomorrow to place my tiles order.

The money is starting to fly out the door now!!