Friday, June 28, 2013


First coat of the waterproofing stuff went on the other day. The site supervisor was on site again today putting a second coat on. He's cracked it with the tradie as it was meant to be done early last week so he's decided to do it himself so that we can still go ahead with our slab early next week. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Splashback tiles - got 'em!

A couple of weeks ago we received a phone call to tell us our splashback tiles have arrived from Italy and were in the supplier's warehouse awaiting collection or delivery. I opted to pick them up myself as I wanted to inspect them for any possible damage that could have occurred during shipping. These tiles aren't cheap so I'm a little paranoid!  So today we took the trip down to the Geelong warehouse to pick them up. All the tiles were in perfect condition so we were pretty relieved with that.

This tile looks different in different lighting and from different angles, which I suppose is why I love them so much. 

These tiles are called Intensity Auroa Texture in the colour white and they're made by Atlas Concorde. 

Here is a pic of the tile up on the wall in the showroom. You can see how it's almost like a mirror in some parts under artificial lighting. 

atlas intensity auroa textile tile

Once we got home I took some additional pics to show it in different lighting and angles. 

atlas intensity auroa textile tile

atlas intensity auroa textile tile

atlas intensity auroa textile tile

Here they are all packed up and waiting to be installed, which is still quite some time away. 
atlas intensity auroa textile tile

Whilst at the tile warehouse I spotted the tile that we chose for our wall tiles in the bathroom and ensuite so I took a pic to share as the other pic was of a tiny sample tile. I took a few different angles so you can see the texture/pattern. 

Entiva Ferrari white tile

Entiva Ferrari white tile

Entiva Ferrari white tile

We spoke with the builder this morning. Our slab was meant to be done this week but we have had nothing but constant rain in Melbourne this week and it looks like it will continue all through next week as well. So we are waiting on the weather to clear before they can lay the drainage and pour our slab. 

Since the last update they have filled the cavities of the retaining walls with concrete. 

We also have a power box on site. 

Hopefully next update I will have some slab photos to share :-)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Retaining wall # 2

We have the second brick retaining wall built. This wall runs between the garage and laundry. The walls are due to be in filled with concrete this week. After that the drainage will be installed then the following week we should have a slab. Weather permitting!

We have had a wet few weeks in Melbourne, with record rainfalls a few days ago so I hope this doesn't hold the progress up.

On another note my splashback tiles have arrived very early from Italy. I pick them up from the warehouse late next week - I can't wait!

Here are some pics of the second retaining wall. The mortar is a little rough but I suppose that doesn't matter as it'll be hidden under the house. 

This pic shows the corner that they'll be continuing the brickwork along from - this is the bedroom side of the house. 

The second retaining wall as seen from a little down the block. The wall sticks out like that as that will be the workbench in the garage. 

The first retaining wall can be seen down the block with the newer wall to the right of the photo.