Saturday, February 9, 2013

Signed, sealed... not yet delivered.

In the last few days so much has happened, but yet so little in the big scheme of things.

We have secured the kitchen finish I want at a price we can afford ($6000 cheaper than what the builder quoted!!) because we are going direct to the supplier plus we have and a few small things amended on our building contract -

  • The excavation/site costs have now been removed from the provisonal sums. This should avoid any nasty 'site cost' surprises during construction. 
  • We have been given some extra water taps and outdoor power points. 
  • We now have the gas point to the alfresco included. 
  • Our staircase is being upgraded to a solid timber staircase. 
  • We are getting 3 phase power included. 

Contracts signed with the builder today. Things are looking good for a site start in March!!

I visited a tile supplier/importer yesterday and arranged a great deal on some Italian imported tiles. Now things are starting to feel very real...

Watch this space as construction photos will be coming soon-ish (March) !!!