Saturday, October 25, 2014

Rock my world

This weekend hubby and I visited Rocks Plus in Bayswater North to choose some rocks to be placed around the retaining wall that is getting built this week.

We were given a can of spray paint and had to spray a mark on the rocks that we wanted. After choosing the rocks they were loaded up onto a truck and they delivered them to us the same morning. It doesn't look like it but we have a total of 11 rocks. We chose honeycomb rocks of varying sizes and shapes. I can't wait to see these in place by the end of the week. 

volcanic basalt rock honeycomb rock

Zebras are.... well hung?

I finally purchased our first picture for the house. I didn't know exactly what I wanted but I knew it had to have hints of green and orange. When I stumbled across this zebra canvas artwork I couldn't resist it. 

zebra canvas

We hung it in on the wall between the front spare room and theatre room. It's visible from the kitchen/meals/family area. At 120cm x 90cm it's the perfect size - or I thought so. 

zebra canvas

Now I have to finally get some pieces for the hallway niches. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

I'll be floored!

I haven't updated much the last 4 four weeks but we have had little bits and pieces happening. The floor in the man cave is finally finished! We used Gerflor brand vinyl planks for one side of the man cave plus the games area. We chose the Pecan colour from their Senso Rustic range. I love how they look like timber but are easy to maintain. The planks are only 2mm thick and have a self adhesive back and stick right down onto the sealed concrete slab. Hubby put the skirting board back down on top of the planks and now I have to paint the bits where the nails were shot through.
vinyl floor

For the lounge side of the man cave we laid carpet tiles. Photos for another post :)

In other news we have had our spa delivered **yay!!** but we can't use it until the deck and fence is built. Permits have all been approved so now it's down to construction. 

We have also booked the retaining walls for the front yard next week and hubby has started the small garden bed retaining wall between the house and driveway. 

Hopefully several more updates with pictures soon!