Thursday, July 17, 2014

The final countdown...

We have a timeline from the builder of the internal works to be completed. This timeline is realistic and achievable so let's hope they stick to it.

This is the timeline:

18th July - shower screen replaced
24th July - caulkers
24th & 25th July - painters
25th July - all outside work will be finished by this date
26th July - timber floors fixed on some areas
28th July - kitchen kick panels replaced and pantry shelving installed 
28th & 29th July - cleaning 
29th July - appliances installed by plumber and electrician

Of course, if they stick to this timeline that means that they will not achieve handover on 31st July as stated last week. It does mean they may achieve practical completion by the 31st July. 

Once all works are completed we have to schedule our practical completion inspection with the builder and inspector and then they have to rectify any defects that are detected at that inspection, if any. I'm  hoping there wont be any! 

The builder still has to pay damages until all defects are fixed. If they still think they can achieve handover on the 31st July then that means the practical completion inspection, bank inspection (as the bank need to do an inspection) and any rectification of defects detected at the inspection have to occur on the 30th July. Impossible for it all to happen in one day. 

Stay tuned ladies and gentlemen... 

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