Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Paint returned!

The other exciting news is that the arsehole who stole our paint has returned it tonight - an hour ago to be exact. Gosh these cameras are great :wink: This is the best 'walk of shame' video ever. I've asked hubby to save the footage so we can show it at the housewarming party :lol: 

In house building related news we had the first layer of render applied today. No photos unfortunately as it was too dark when I went past after work. I'm looking forward to seeing the final coloured coat of render applied. 

The painter was also there today and worked right through to around 6:30pm! He seems very particular which is great. 

We are confident that the house will be completed shortly so we have booked our window coverings in for installation on the 8th August. I can't wait for these to be installed; the house will feel more homely. 

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  1. Incredible! Maybe he has a conscience after all. Good idea to have the cameras in before you move in. I'm glad you pace is going well. Window coverings sounds like serious "moving-in" planning. Very exciting.