Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Can anything go right!?!

Monday we finally had someone on site after over 1 week of no one there. The carpenters were there fixing & straightening the rear stacker sliding door. It is much better but unfortunately it's still not good enough. I'm hoping that all it needs now is an adjustment to the wheels.

On Monday I also noticed that the external lock sets that were delivered were the wrong ones. Again! This is the third time the builder has ordered the wrong handles. The first two times they ordered knobs instead of levers. This time try ordered the correct levers but in the wrong colour. I emailed the builder straight away who has advised they have now ordered the correct ones. Fourth time lucky, hey!

The front door frame also needs straightening. That wasn't done Monday and so begins the other problem...

The flooring company were there today performing the final sand and polish to the timber floors. This concerns me as there is still quite a bit of work to be done inside which means trades walking dirt through and scratching the floors. For this reason usually the floors are the very last thing to be done. 

Back to the front door frame... The timber frame for the front doors needs to be removed and straightened. I imagine that it is highly likely that the timber floors in the entrance hallway will be damaged during the process of fixing the front door frame - hence why it should have been done before the floors.

If there is one thing that is abundantly obvious it is that jobs are scheduled out of order. The saying "one step forwards, two steps backwards" springs to mind. 

Now, back to the timber floors. Let's see if you can guess what the problem is here. This is a photo I took today of an empty polythane tin on site. This is the polythane used on the timber floors today. Our selections and project specifications show we selected a semi-gloss finish. Seriously, can anything go right!?!
polythane high gloss

If you need extra help working out what the problem is I will give you one more picture clue. 

polythane high gloss

We are further stressed by the front porch pier. The cracks have continued down the pier which means that the pier may have to come down and be rebuilt. I wonder how long it will take them to get around to doing that!?! Either way, it will be fixed and fixed properly prior to handover. 

Hubby and I, although we are keen to move in, are more than happy to keep waiting if it means the job gets done properly. The builder is accruing damages payable to us so it is in their best interest to get everything fixed and finished ASAP. 

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