Friday, July 11, 2014

Fixes and progress

Nawkaw were on site today fixing the mortar colour in a few places around the house. Here is a picture I took a while ago of the lower deck.  You can see that the mortar on the wall to the left of the photo is quite discoloured in some areas.
merbau deck

This is the same wall after being fixed by Nawkaw. I think it looks much better.
merbau deck

No one has gone around to fix the mortar holes yet so I hope that when they do this they're careful to ensure the mortar colour matches. I would have thought it would have been more logical to patch the mortar holes around the place before Nawkaw fixed the mortar colour, but I suppose I will just have to hope it now matches. 

The front door frame was also straightened today. It looks much better. I can't wait to see the porch rendered and the door painted. The render will be Dulux Champignon and the doors will be painted in Monument gloss.
merbau deck  Corinthian Madison PMAD 106 door

More of the cracked bricks have been removed from the porch pillar. This will be rebricked before being rendered.

The steps between the rear garage door and the laundry have now been completed. The steps from the deck down to the ground are still to be done. 

I also noticed that one of the kitchen drawers were missing. The drawer needed to be shortened slightly so I assume this has been taken to the cabinetmaker to shorten. The drawers were not made incorrectly, they just needed to be shortened as the gas line for the cooktop runs directly behind it. 

In relation to he timber floors... We decided to keep the high gloss finish. It's nowhere near as shiny as we thought it would be. The only problem is the entrance hall needs to be fixed as there are quite a few bubbles/blisters in the finish. There are also some runs on the risers of the staircase. The gaps between the skirting boards and floors are accentuated with the high gloss finish so the builder has assured us these gaps will be filled. A missed spot near bedroom 3 will need to be fixed. We have also requested a litre or two of the polyurethane and hardener so we can perform touch ups if needed.

Kresta phoned me today trying to organise an installation date for our curtains and blinds. I advised the lady I would phone her next week to arrange a time. I need to find out when the cleaners will be going through the house as I'd prefer to install the blinds after the cleaners have been.

FocusOn Furniture also phoned today asking us (again!) when they can deliver the couch. I had to advise them that we are still not in the house and I will phone them next week with an update. 

Harvey Norman have been hounding my husband about the delivery of our dining table. They have had this in the warehouse since October!! I think they're loosing patience with us...

We are both glad to have seen some progress these past two days. We hope this continues and that they are able to stick to their handover date of 31st July. 

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