Thursday, July 24, 2014

Progress report

It has been one week since I posted the timeline provided to us by the builder, let's look at how we're going...

"18th July - shower screen replaced" - this was done 

"24th July - caulkers" - the caulking to the shower was fixed 

"24th & 25th July - painters" - they turned up at 7am this morning and left after 30mins. Not sure why! Apparently they are now coming tomorrow and Saturday. Can't see how this will work given that the floors are being sanded and polished in some areas which means they can't be walked on for 24 hours...

"25th July - all outside work will be finished by this date" - the only outside work performed this week was the pouring of the infill slab to the storeroom. They have a long way to go here so there is no way known this will be done by tomorrow. 

This is the slab that was poured in the storeroom. Looks like they did a great job. The builder used the same concreters that we used for our driveway (1300 Driveways - Chris).

We also paid the concreters to pour a concrete path out the front of the storeroom and around the side of the storeroom that leads to the external 'man cave lounge' door. We will build some stairs there. 

The concreters were scheduled to also pour the slab for the spa but with the cold weather there was a lot of moisture on the ground which meant the only way the boys could get the sand down the hill was by wheelbarrow. As you could imagine the shovelling of the sand downhill for the storeroom and paths took all day so they ran out of time. The concreters will have to schedule the spa slab for another day.

One more thing was achieved this week, the builder ground down the ridges on the mancave slab. They also took some rubbish off site. 

So, back to the builder's timeline.... 

The upcoming work scheduled (assuming nothing has changed):

*new painting dates* 25th & 26th July - painters (no way the painters will be able to finish by the 26th July as there is a lot of timber work still not completed ie. quad not fixed to the eaves, timber balustrades not completed, skirting boards not nailed down etc)

26th July - timber floors fixed on some areas

28th July - kitchen kick panels replaced and pantry shelving installed 

28th & 29th July - cleaning 

29th July - appliances installed by plumber and electrician

Hopefully I will have some exciting updates soon... 

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