Thursday, July 10, 2014

Decisions, decisions...

Today was the first day hubby and I could venture into the house to look at the newly lacquered timber floors. We had a good look around today whilst trying to decide whether to leave the floors as they are or whether to contact the builder to ask them to redo them as per the project specifications ie. semi-gloss.

I also inspected around the bottom of the kitchen cabinetry for any further damage from the floor sander. So far so good, I didn't notice any further damage to the kitchen.

tasmanian oak floor boards

tasmanian oak floor

tasmanian oak floor

tasmanian oak floor dulux royal beige half

tasmanian oak floor

Hubby and I have made our minds up in relation to the finish on the floors. He phoned the builder earlier to speak to him about it but it went through to voicemail. Hubby left a message so hopefully the builder calls back ASAP. 

HANDOVER - in other exciting news we have been told that handover should occur in 3 weeks, that's the 31st July. This date will put us 20 weeks past contract. To be honest I doubt it will be at handover stage by 31st July but I'm very happy for them to prove me wrong. There is still a lot of work to do both inside and outside but if we have trades on site everyday (instead of every now and then) I can't see why that date isn't achievable. 

I noticed we had some fly screens delivered. I assume this is only part of the order as I couldn't see any tall & narrow screens for the theatre room and study windows. 

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