Thursday, June 12, 2014

Woke up and everyone was dead!

Two weeks ago I woke up to find that everyone except us were dead. By 'everyone except us' I meant the tradies, and by 'dead' I meant noticeably absent from the house...

Some facts:

It has been TWO WEEKS since any trades were on site - excluding the trades we organised (balustrades and driveway) and excluding the site supervisor who was cleaning up on Monday. 

We are more than THREE MONTHS past contract. That is three months over on a 12 month build contract. It has been more than 15 months since we commenced building.

Each month that ticks over is now costing us THOUSANDS per month in additional mortgages and furniture storage fees. 

There are still things to be rectified that are outstanding. We flagged many of these issues with the builder MONTHS ago. 

We were obviously naive in thinking that there would be a hive of activity trying to get us to completion as they are so far over contract. The way things are looking we are lucky if we get to move in by August. 

We are both OVER IT. 


  1. So what actually happens now that the builders are over contract? Is there any compensation for you? How frustrating and disappointing for you.

    1. There are damages payable to us as per the contract, which we will have deducted from the final payment. It doesn't cover our expenses though :(

  2. Hi there, can I find out, who is your builder?

    1. Our builder was Leigh Shoebridge who owned and ran Sloping Block Builders but I believe they've gone out of business now.