Monday, April 14, 2014

Painting continues

Most areas of the house have received their two coats of paint. I'm really liking the wall colour now. I was worried about my decision for the last few months but now that I see it with the floors and kitchen I like it. I really love the contrast between the white architraves, skirting boards and walls. The skirting boards haven't received their white gloss paint as yet but will shortly.

These pictures were taken after work as it was beginning to get dark so I apologise for the bad iPhone photos. Had to share these as the plastic drop sheets have now been removed from the windows and floors. 

The ensuite

Facing the bathroom. Powder room to the right. 

Front door. 
dulux royal beige half

Standing at the theatre room doors looking towards the bedrooms. 
dulux royal beige half

Family room 
dulux royal beige half

Kitchen. The pantry cavity door hasn't been painted yet as I think it's going to be replaced. 
dulux royal beige half

The bedroom window that is awaiting repair. 

Our other bedroom window. 
dulux royal beige half

I have someone from Kresta curtain & blinds coming out on Saturday to measure and quote. Victory blinds are coming out to see me on 10th May. I have also asked Interlux (a small local window furnishing company) to provide a quote. Interlux have asked me to send them the floor plans detailing what coverings I would like. They will then provide me with an initial quote before they come out to measure. I thought that was a much better way to do it as I don't want to waste hours on site with them if they work out too expensive. 

Luckily due to the design of the house and placement of windows there are only 9 windows that will require windows coverings. 


  1. Loving your choice of paint, can't wait to see the floors done! I love progress photos :-)

  2. Did you extend your door heights?

    1. No they're the standard door height. It's hard to tell in those pics. Best pic would be the kitchen one where you can see the pantry door height compared to the wall/ceiling.