Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Gas connection delays

We received an email from Origin Energy today who confirmed that they attended our site last week but couldn't dig the trench for the gas service line due to the scaffold being in the way and the site not being clean. We have forwarded this email to the builder for their attention. The email also instructed that the builder has to rebook the job once the site has been cleared and scaffold removed. It's usually a 28 day turnaround time for gas connections so that's not looking good for our 5th May handover date :(

The brick window sill has been redone on the master bedroom window which is great. The broken window wasn't covered up again so I hope it doesn't rain. 

Most of the doors were rehung after painting and there are quite a few that do not close properly. I hope this is a simple adjustment.


  1. How frustrating, we have had the 28 day turn around issue with SPAUSNET too... so painful.

    1. It's taken forever to get our SPAUSNET approval too! Ours only came through the other day but we are in no hurry to install solar. We will install it once our current home is sold. Even the initial electricity hookup seemed to take forever. I'm worried about the gas though because that will hold up handover. If only they removed the scaffold and cleared the site when they said they would then it would have been trenched in by now.