Saturday, April 5, 2014


I purchased some of our lighting online so the sparkies can fit them for us.

For the master bedroom and my step-son's bedroom we are having a ceiling fan with a dimmable LED light. This model comes with a remote too which is great as we are pretty lazy! This fan/light combo was purchased from 
ceiling fan

I bought three of these glass pendant lights. Two for the hallway and one for the master bedroom hallway. Now I have to decide which type of globes to put in them... These lights were brought from 

hallway pendant light

This is the stairwell light fitting. I'm not a huge fan of it so may change the shades when it arrives. It would be great to fit glass shades onto it. I will have to do a hunt once the fitting arrives. Our stairwell was difficult to find lighting for as the wall in the middle goes right up to the ceiling so we couldn't put one single light as there isn't a big space. We thought the below option was good as it will light up both sides of the stairwell. This light is from

stairwell pendant light

Our kitchen pendant lights. I'm bucking the trend of three by only having two of these over our island bench. I like that they are a little different and as they're a beautiful amber colour they will complement the colours of our dining suite chairs (black with small brown & gold flecks) perfectly. I purchase these lights over 12 months ago from 

amber pendant light

This light will now go in the guest bedroom (marked as study on the plan). This is one of the only rooms with carpet and as we chose a dark carpet I wanted a light coloured light fitting. This light was originally purchased to be hung above the dining table but it will not suit the dining table we have since purchased. I also purchased this light from 
drum pendant light

I will buy the rest of the light fittings later on. Most of the other fittings will be DIY so we can fit them on at any time.


  1. Love all the glass pendants and the wooden one from Beacon. Time will tell with you stairwell lights - it would help if they had a picture of the light installed in a house. BTW, I'm having just 2 pendant lights above my kitchen bench too. Two is the new three!

    1. I was happy to take the risk with the stairwell light as it was so cheap. I like the idea of the two lights that hang from the one batten spot but I don't like the shades. I'm sure (well, hoping!!) I can change the shades. I agree, two is the new three with island lights :)