Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A 'hole' lot of nothing

Today our driveway retaining wall company attended on site to dig a hole for the concrete footings. We were surprised they were there as originally they couldn't attend until the scaffolding was removed by the builder. It turns out that the retaining wall company (or more accurately, their engineers) worked out they could change the footings around which means that they can commence work whilst the scaffold is still there. Which is great news as at least something is progressing.

Here is the massive hole they've dug today. It is approx 600mm deep, 800mm wide, 10m long. 

Nothing has appeared to have happened within the house, although I'm quietly optimistic that we will see some action by the end of the week.

In more exciting news we have ordered our fridge - a Samsung french door fridge. This will sit in our walk in pantry. 

samsung french door fridge

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