Monday, November 4, 2013

Framing commenced

Unfortunately we haven't had a lot of progress in the last four weeks. At least, i would have expected more progress. 

We have some of the framing done for upstairs. This is the first section that was done. Looking down the hallway to the master bedroom. 

Looking up at the master bedroom from the backyard 

Framing around the staircase was done. Pantry framing, linen cupboard and WIR framing done - hard to see from this picture but I promise it's amongst all that timber! One of the walls in the hallway is also done. 

The doorway leading from the front to the bedrooms 

You can see the framing for the bedrooms, bathroom and laundry laying down ready to be put up. The layout has also been done for the study, theatre and family room. Those two uprights at the back are the steel posts that sit either side of the sliding door from meals to alfresco area. They will of course be concealed in the wall. 

Our concrete pad footings at the rear for the alfresco/balcony posts have to be redone - for the third time! This is because they don't meet the engineering guidelines. Although its another holdup I suppose I should be grateful that it was detected and will be rectified. I'm sure there are some builders who would have proceeded without fixing it. Still, it's annoying to have yet another hold up. 

Roof truss is due to be completed mid November and lock up in December. Or so we are told. 

We have also been told that we are still on track for a March handover. I'm not holding my breath though. 

Hubby spoke to a tree lopper today and we are going to have that tree taken down soon. As well as it blocking our view from the bedroom and living area it will present problems down the track. It can grow up to 20m tall and it'll be too dangerous to have it close to the house. 

Stay tuned for more updates...

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