Friday, November 22, 2013

Some roof, some bricks and no common sense!

We have had a few headaches in the last 10 days. There have been issues with getting the roof truss up, the brickies didn't roll the mortar on the garage and the wrong windows have been installed in the family room. Before I get into those issues I'll share some progress pictures. 

As the pictures below will show we have had some bricking and framing done since my last post. 

They started to brick the wall for the garage and forgot the roll the mortar... Lucky they were only four courses high when we realised this. They have since knocked the wall down and started again. 

We have also had several headaches with getting our roof truss erected. First the crane was too small. Then the next crane guy refused to drive down the block in fear that he wouldn't get back up - the joys of building on a sloping site!!! Finally a 50 tonne crane was booked to help lift the roof truss onto the frame. Even then the crane couldn't reach the back of the house so the framers have to do the rest manually - poor guys! 

This is the crane...

Here are some progress shots taken today. 

Down the hall, looking towards master bedroom. 

Front entrance. 

Photo of the inside of the garage wall. This wall will be plastered on the inside. 

I also noticed today that the incorrect window was put in the family room. The windows for the family room, meals area and garage are the same windows except that the garage ones aren't double glazed. The framers accidentally put a single glazed window in the family room and left the double glazed one on site to be installed in the garage. I have emailed the builder today to rectify this. Given that I picked this up whilst still at frame stage I assume it will be a quick fix. 


  1. Hi Mrs Royal - how big is your place? Looks massive!

    1. 237.8m2 living, 100.9m2 of Mancave (unfinished space at this stage) = 338.7m2 or 36.4sq.

      Plus garage, alfresco, deck, porch & store room is a total of 52.2sq.