Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Framing almost complete

Quite a bit has happened in the last week. Our frame is almost complete, we have had two posts erected for our balcony and there is a lot of scaffolding. Some bricks have been delivered, as well as the roof truss so that will be going on hopefully by the end of this week. 

Here are some progress shots of the frame from the top of the block. 

In that first pic you'll notice there is a big tree towards the rear of the block and it's disappeared from the subsequent photos :D 

This is what is left of that tree. 

View from our bedroom window with and without the tree. I'm glad we got rid of it now as it had another 10m to grow!

You can see the two steel posts for the balcony amongst the scaffolding.

The base of the posts.

We met our aircon/heating guy on site last night to run through the system requirements. We have decided on a multi-head split system for the bedrooms and man cave. The theatre room, study, kitchen, meals, family room and hallway will be a ducted reverse cycle system. This will suit our requirements and lifestyle habits well. 

We are also shopping around for some sound batts to put in some of the walls. There are so many to choose from - its confusing! We better decide soon though as the builder has indicated they'll be plastering in December. 

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