Friday, October 4, 2013

Store room walls completed. Almost.

The last 4 weeks have been quite tedious. We were waiting on the core filled double brick store room walls to be completed before the flooring for the main level could be completed. As mentioned in earlier posts this is quite a laborious task. This week they core filled the last section of wall - yay! - so next week they can continue with the flooring and framing. I think brickies will be back next week too. They are yet to finish the core filled brick pillar that runs alongside the store room but that should be finished in the next few weeks. 

The store room window was put in place. 

The other side of the store room. The core filled brick pillar is approximately 1/3 built. 

Where the door will be for the store room can be seen here and it makes me realise just how tall the ceilings in there are - a whopping 4 metres! 

Looking down onto the store room just before the core fill was done. Our bedroom will be directly above the store room. 

Hopefully I can update with better photos in a week or two when the framers and brickies have spent more time on site. 

In other developments the Caroma Pearl basins we chose for the bathroom and powder room may not be available so we have to decide what we want instead. We are leaning towards a more rectangular version of our ensuite basins.

We have also almost decided (I say 'almost' because we always change our mind) on our aircon/heater setup. Now it looks like we will get a ducted split system for the family/meals/kitchen, theatre and study. We will get a multi head inverter split system for the 3 bedrooms. We will have to make our minds up pretty soon so we can order the units and organise the install of the big unit in the ceiling near lock up and any  piping etc can de done before the plaster is put up. 

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