Sunday, September 1, 2013

Framing, bricks and floor joists (and cupcakes!)

A fair bit has happened these last two weeks. We have had the framing finished for downstairs. Well, almost finished. A small frame is yet to go around the service pipes but whatever. It's basically done.

The bricking has commenced at the front of the house. Here are the progress pics so far for the bricking at the front. 

The bricking of the reinforced cavity filled store room walls continues. This is a long process of bricking a section of the wall, waiting for it to cure, filling it with concrete, letting it cure and starting again. They have to do this for over 7 metres of wall. Hubby says this is like a strong room. Lol! 

Floor joists have been laid for approximately half of the main living level and some yellow tongue flooring has been laid. Termite protection also installed around the perimeter of the brickwork. I'm still confused about how a strip of orange plastic-ish material stops those little white monsters. Maybe they don't like orange!?

Floor joists day 1...

Day 2...

Day 3...  (Including someone burning off in the background. I hope they had a permit!)

A pic of inside the man cave. With some of the floor joists for the main level down I get a better idea of what 3 metre ceilings are like. All I can say is "wow!". I'm bordering on midget (5ft nothing) so hubby can take care of the cobwebs in those corners. My chances of reaching those ceilings lay between f@ck all and buckleys!

Fine weather is predicted for most of this week - hello Spring!!! I'm hoping with the great weather ahead that we will see more great progress this week. 

Last but not least, it was the annual RSPCA Cupcake Day on Monday 19th August. I baked my little heart out and raised over $200 for the RSPCA. Plus no one suffered food poisoning which I regard a massive bonus. As well as Rocky Road cupcakes, my cupcake selection included toppings like coconut and strawberries in a vein attempt to resemble a healthy food option. There were also gluten free cupcakes and dairy free cupcakes so those with a food intolerance couldn't use their intolerance as an excuse not to participate and donate ;-)  See, I do have a caring side. 

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