Thursday, August 15, 2013

Beams, bricks and births. Oh my!

We have had a little progress this week despite the terrible wet weather. Rain, hail and storms at the beginning of the week certainly didn't help at all. In fact, the weather ruined the site clean near the rear of the slab so that will have to be done again so the drainage can be finished off. 

Here are some pictures taken today of the progress this week.

The metal 'I' beams have been put in place. One above the rear sliding door and two across the man cave ceiling. 

Here is the beam across the top of the rear sliding door. I don't know where the other door panels are. I suppose they will put these on later?? 

The inside bricking has started for the double brick storeroom walls. As I understand it these walls have to be built in approximately 750mm high increments. The walls will be bricked to 750mm high then cavity filled. Once that sets then they will build another 750mm high double brick wall and cavity fill it. This process repeats until the entire height of that wall is built, which is approx 4 meters tall. We expect that this will take at least 4 to 5 weeks to complete. 

Brickies completed some more of the west facing wall. 

This is the inside section of the west facing wall. You can see where the timber beams will sit for the floor of the main level. 

The excavator operator's wife went into labour today so he's not available to perform the site clean tomorrow as previously arranged. Luckily our builder has agreed to use a friend of ours instead for the site clean. This means that the brickies shouldn't be held up any further and can continue their work this week and next week. 

This week I ordered two of these leather and recycled bike rim stools from Milan Direct. These will go in the man cave. Delivery was fairly fast, I received these two business days after ordering them. These will be used for the sit down/table top arcade game we ordered for the man cave. 

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