Saturday, August 9, 2014

Render finished

The renderer finished applying the top coat of colour today to the front of the house and to the retaining wall. The colour is Dulux Champignon. The renderer left the leftover colour for us which is great in case we need to do any touch ups in the future. We were extremely happy with this renderer and will be getting him back to render some retaining walls we are planning for the front yard. You can see in these photos that we have also had our fencing started. This week also saw the removal of the temporary fencing and portaloo. 
Dulux Champignon render

Dulux Champignon render

Dulux Champignon render

The painter was kind enough to paint our feature wall in the family room. We chose Dulux Teahouse, which is the same grey colour as the theatre room. I'm quite happy with how it suits the Dulux Beige Royal walls.
dulux teahouse royal beige half

Dulux teahouse royal beige half

A shot of my kitchen without all the rubbish everywhere.
laminex crystalgloss laminate kitchen

We had our final inspection by the building surveyor on Wednesday for the Certificate of Occupancy - we failed :( 

A few of the items have already been rectified and a few more things will be finished Monday morning. The inspector is booked to re attend Monday afternoon so fingers crossed it all goes well and we can have the certificate issued on Tuesday. Once we have the certificate we can organise insurance and start the ball rolling with the bank to perform their valuation inspection and arrange final payment. 

The painter has taken longer than originally planned but he is working tomorrow (Sunday) to finish off for us. 

I have rescheduled the install of the curtains and blinds to this Tuesday so I'm looking forward to seeing those go in in a couple of days :)


  1. Looks great!!! Failed inspection 😂 who would have thought, fingers crossed today will pass!

    1. I know, not that shocked we didn't pass! Hopefully it will pass today. Although SBB finally rolled up at 9am today and didn't get out of the car until at least 9:45am so obviously not that committed to fixing everything in time for the inspection later this afternoon!