Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Curtains and blinds installed

Wow! I never realised how hard it is to take decent photos of curtains and blinds when they're hanging, especially with an iPhone! Apologies for the crap photos, I will try to take better ones with a real camera. When I do I'll update this post.

These are the curtains in the master bedroom. Blockout curtain to the rear and sheer curtain in front. I love these!
sheer blockout curtains

full length sheer blockout curtains

sheer blockout curtains

The bathroom has a roller blond in a taupe colour. My step-son's room and the spare bedroom (which we are using as study) has the same roller blind.

taupe roller blind

Front study (ie. spare room) has a sheer roller blind inside the frame and a blockout blind in taupe on top. 
taupe roller blinds

In the laundry we opted for a single sheer roller blind to filter light as required. 
laundry blind

The theatre room has a sheer roller blind inside the frame and heavy blockout curtains the full width of the wall. These are a grey colour but the warm lighting makes them look brown :-/
theatre room curtain

Tried to take a photo with the curtains open and failed miserably! Lol
theatre room curtain

The curtain is a lovely mid grey colour
theatre room curtain

For the two windows on one side of the Mancave we chose dark sheer rollers inside the frame with a very dark charcoal blockout roller on top. These work well against the grey walls. 
mancave blinds

mancave blinds

There are many windows that we didn't buy coverings for. Unsure whether we will or not. Many of the other windows are up high or are quite private so I guess when were living there we will decide.

Our fence guy was back today and should hopefully be finished.

Fingers crossed we have the surveyor coming out tomorrow. We still haven't received confirmation as to whether it has been booked in or not. 

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