Monday, August 11, 2014

Delayed AGAIN!

The surveyor's inspection for the Certificate of Occupancy was cancelled today as there are MORE things to be done before we can be issued with the certificate. Pissed off does not begin to describe how we are feeling right now. 

I am hoping that things can be fixed and the surveyor can come out again in the next day or two. I have curtains and blinds being installed tomorrow as well as furniture booked for delivery on Wednesday and I WILL NOT reschedule these things again. 

On the plus side the painter finished today. There are a few things we want him to do but are happy for him to return later to do these. He works for the new builder that has partially taken over the build so we know he will be back. 

The electrician is coming tomorrow to install a sub floor ventilation kit under the house. When the electrician is finished there shouldn't be any more trades through the inside of the house. So when the electrician is finished I plan to go through and clean the place as there has been a bit of dirt dragged through after the builder's clean was done last week. 

On the topic of cleaners they left a little shampoo, conditioner and body wash in the bathroom shower. Kinda cute...

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