Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Retaining wall blocks

We had the blocks for our retaining wall delivered yesterday. The retaining wall will run parallel to the front of the house and will form a wall for the driveway.

besser block retaining wall

We are using besser blocks which will be reinforced and core filled with concrete. We will eventually render the wall so that it matches the front of the house but that will be a "after handover" project. 

The construction of the wall was meant to commence today. Although we received a call from the company last night who stated that they can't commence as the scaffolding still hasn't been removed from the front of our house. Our builder (well, our temporary site supervisor as the actual supervisor is currently overseas) has been notified and has assured us he will see what he can do. 

At this stage the wall has been delayed to next week.

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