Thursday, March 27, 2014

Get a handle on it!

Our front entrance handles were put on our doors yesterday. It's a little crooked, I can spot these things from miles away. The builder knows and said he will fix it. I was excited to see our proper doors hung. I think they look much better than the temporary doors :)

Corinthian Madison PMAD 106 front doors

In other news we have had the external door fitted to the downstairs powder room. It was the wrong door. The door we ordered had a window in it. Just another thing to rectify. 

The hole was routed out for all of the recessed handles for the sliding doors. The holes have been routed out for the tall narrow handles... We chose round handles... Just another delay whilst we wait for the doors to be replaced. 

The rest of our internal door handles were also delivered so I assume they will be fitted shortly.

The upstairs balcony frame will be extended out in the weekend so our balustrade guy can fit some extra supports underneath to hold the weight of the glass. It will be exciting to finally see the finished size of the balcony, even if it is only just the frame. 

We have received a proposed driveway plan from the driveway company so now it's down to picking what colour exposed aggregate we would like. We have a list of colours and addresses to drive by to have a look at the colours. I have a feeling the colour selection is going to be a hard decision! 

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  1. You really have had some bad luck with orders, on a positive note it's looking really good!