Monday, March 17, 2014

Kitchen cabinetry and stolen basin :(

I spoke to the cabinetmaker today who confirmed that they did indeed leave three basins on site last week. That means we have had a basin STOLEN!! To make matters worse I've been told that the builder was present and aware that they were there. Why the builder left them there when they were under clear instruction to NOT leave any items we have paid for/supplied on site is beyond me. 

I have sent an email to the builder requesting that they replace the stolen basin as they had left it there against our wishes. 

Anyway, onto the good stuff. 

Our kitchen cabinetry was installed today. Cabinets are Laminex CrystalGloss in Palladium.

crystalgloss palladium

crystalgloss palladium

crystalgloss palladium

Spot for microwave in our island bench. We collected the microwave and trim kit and took it home as we didn't want to risk it being stolen like our basin was!
crystalgloss palladium microwave island bench

Our pull out bin
kitchen pull out bin

We have Einstein fitting our temporary doors... This one doesn't clear the timber steps. I hope they don't get damaged :-/  The proper door will swing the other way so why this door was hung like this is beyond me!

Fingers crossed they FINALLY fit the external doors this week and actually secure the property. 


  1. Looks great! Its all getting exciting now even though you had the basin stolen.

    Hopefully by the weekend you will have a lit more finished.

  2. I'm a bit slow to find your blog...finally tipped off by the forum. Your place is looking great. You have made fantastic choices and it is looking like a really nice modern Australian home. I'd better start paying attention. I LOVE the sofa and your kitchen is looking fabulous.