Monday, March 25, 2013

Tile selection

Today we had an appointment at Sketch Tiles in Richmond to select our tiles. I came across this company as they were the importers & distributers of a specific Italian tile I wanted for our kitchen splashback.

Here are the tiles we chose for the bathroom, ensuite and two powder rooms. We also chose a white high gloss tile for the laundry splashback although I don't have a picture of those tiles.

The last photo is a photo (although a very crappy one) of the tiles we are having imported from Italy for our kitchen splashback. I really should have taken a photo at the tile place as this pic really does it no justice.

Wall tile - Entiva Ferrari 01 White 300 x 600 semi polished porcelain tile
Floor tile - Marazzi Solid Ash 600 x 600 Lappato porcelain tile
Mosaic tile - Entiva Evolution Silver Stone/Glass/Metal 15 x 15 mosaic tile

tile selection

Update: here are two pics of the bathroom wall tile which better show the texture/pattern

entiva ferrari tile

Entiva ferrari tile

atlas auroa intensity tile

Update: see my post on 13th June 2013 for pics of these splashback tiles when we picked them up :-)

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