Friday, January 18, 2013

The longest wait...ever.

We finally met with the builder yesterday and he handed to us our building contract and specifications. We were waiting (not so patiently) on this document as the bank needs to review it so they can value the build for finance purposes.

Soooo.... A copy of the contract was express posted to the bank today and we have been told that the approval process will take 2 weeks. Hmmm.... It's been 8hrs since I posted the documents and the thought of another 328hrs until approval makes me want to scream!

The builder is of the opinion that we will have a site start date late February or early March, meaning we should be in by Christmas if the build runs on schedule....

Fingers and toes crossed!


  1. Wow, that's 18 months ago you posted this, and they are still delaying the completion of your house, and trying to force you to handover so they can get their dollars !

    1. Hi Anon :) We are much closer to the finish line than we were 18 months ago!

      We won't be forced into handover. We have been very clear that handover will not occur until all defects are rectified. We have sought legal advice and we are entitled to take this stance. The builder must pay damages until we accept completion so the longer they drag their feet in rectifying things the more they will owe us.