Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My dream splashback

After such a long period of wanting a glass kitchen splashback I came across this tile and fell in love. I couldn't find it anywhere.... Until today! The good news is I found it. The bad news... It's expensive. I found it through a large well known tile supplier for, wait for it, $253.40 PER TILE!!! Ummm.... There is NO WAY I'm paying that much. Using my handy sleuthing skills I have found it through another supplier for MUCH cheaper. They're huge tiles 305mm x 915mm so approx 3 tiles per square metre.

Our builder provides glass splashback as standard so I will get a credit for the splashback which should cover the tiles. Yay!

This picture doesn't do the tile any justice. It is stunning in real life. Gorgeous pearly shimmer to it.

Lesson learnt this week: shop around :)


  1. Looks beautiful.. Love those dashes of green too..

  2. It looks pretty. This photo was taken in a display home near me. It is where I saw and fell in love with the tiles.

  3. Are they installed already? I wanna see how they look like! I've always wanted splash backs too! They're easy to clean and they add beauty to the whole kitchen! The first splash backs that you found were WAY expensive! Almost $300/tile? That's crazy! It's good that you found an alternative supplier who sells it cheaper. I haven't found the perfect splash back for my kitchen and I hope to find it anytime soon. Please post some updates!

    1. Hi Mathew. Thank you for your comment :-) Splashback tiles aren't installed yet - we haven't started the build yet! Fingers crossed we start in the next couple of weeks. We are due to order them on 10th April when we meet with our tile supplier.