Friday, May 20, 2016

Bluestone paving - front yard

So after buying our pavers 12mths ago we finally got around to getting them laid. We had a path created beside the garage so we can wheel the bins down and place them at the end of the garage.

We hired Leon from Leon's Landscaping and Paving.

After a layer of crushed rock was laid it was time to pour the concrete.

Once the concrete was leveled it was starting to take shape. 

The landscaper came back a week or so after the concrete cured to lay the pavers. Here are photos of it when he just finished laying and grouting the bluestone pavers. It is still wet in some areas.

The empty side against the garage has a thick layer of scoria and agi pipe underneath so I can't place a garden there. So instead it will be filled in with rocks. The side against the retaining wall will have plants - once I decide what to use. That's the hard part - plant selection.

So happy with his work and I would recommend him in a heartbeat. I will be getting him back to complete some landscaping work in our backyard once we finalize exactly what we want to do.

After living here for almost 2 years my front yard is, finally, almost finished! 

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