Friday, May 15, 2015

Entrance artwork & indoor plant

It's been a very long time since I've updated this blog. Since my last update we have done more work on the front garden, had a bar designed for the man cave (will be installed in a few weeks), had solar panels installed and bought some artwork for the house.

We bought these two framed prints from Ikea for our entrance. Don't mind the warped images, I'm not too good with the panorama function on my iPhone 😉

hallway entrance

The below photo was taken from near the front door. I still don't know whether to put some art in that niche or another picture. I guess there is no hurry to decide. Again, please excuse my poor use of the panorama feature. 

Any suggestions would be appreciated 😊

hallway entrance


I have a huge framed vintage print that will hang on the hallway wall just as you turn right in the above picture. I've had the print for a few weeks now but we've been super busy so haven't had a chance to hang it. 

I finally bought a plant stand for my indoor plant. Love the look of yellow against the grey wall. 

indoor plant

family kitchen meals area

Garden, solar panel & bar updates will come shortly. 

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