Saturday, May 10, 2014

Kitchen lighting and bathrooms

We spent most of the day on site today fitting the alarm system and some of the ducted aircon and heating vents. I also put some light globes in our batten lights so we can see at night now - very useful! Lol

Some pics taken today. You will notice the caulking hasn't been done yet to the corners of the tiles and around the basins. Not sure when this is due to be done. 

Warning - lots of pictures ahead...

Loving my amber kitchen island bench lights. These look so good in person. I think they need to be lowered a little though. Plus they need a good clean.

kitchen pendant lighting

kitchen pendant lights

island bench light


walk in shower

ensuite shower

ensuite basin

The glass for the balcony balustrade. 

Downstairs powder room


Upstairs powder room
powder room



Kitchen tap
kitchen mixer tap

kitchen mixer tap

Laundry tap
laundry mixer tap

The view today once the rain cleared up. 

The shower screens, mirrors and robes were measured a few days ago so they should be on their way shortly.

The timber floors will be sanded and polished this coming week which means a whole week without being able to enter the house! I'm going to suffer withdrawal symptoms! Lol 


  1. The kitchen looks so good. Your lights do look lovely and they are going to complement the warmth of the wood floors. (I agree that they need lowering.)

    1. I'm glad you agree that they need to be lowered. I think I'll wait until handover to lower the lights. Knowing my luck if I lower them now someone will bump and break them!

  2. Looks brilliant, it looks nearly ready to move in!!!! I would be going and peaking through the windows during the week 😉 I would also lower the pendants... but I like their warmth and simplicity.

    1. Thanks Caitlin :) I can't peer through the windows, they're all too high! :(

      Yeah, I'll definitely lower the pendants at/closer to handover. I don't want to lower them now and risk someone knocking them. Hubby isn't too pleased that I want them lowered - he's 6ft tall. I'm only 5ft tall and given that I cook more often I think I should win this one ;)