Saturday, January 25, 2014

Lock up

We finally reached lock up!

Since my last update we have had the electrician commence his rough in, the bricking almost finished (front pillars still to be done), hubby put some more wall plates in for data and we banged in some timber supports for towel rails, TVs, toilet roll holders etc.

I met the cabinetmaker maker on site to measure up for cabinetry. I'm awaiting his designs/elevations so we can review and sign off on his plans. 

Now for a couple of pics  :) 

Timber support in place for master bedroom TV 

Hubby using his toy (aka self levelling laser level) to get the levels right for the towel rail supports 

The front 

The back

This week the bricks will be cleaned and hopefully a site clean done by the end of the week. Hopefully the scaffolding will come down shortly after. The chippie will also be starting work on some of the decking outside the laundry. 

Aircon and heating rough in will also commence this week. I have to measure up and order my sound batts, and measure for tiles as we are supplying these. I'm also going to ask the driveway concreter to measure and quote as I know they're getting solidly booked.

Hubby and I have this week off work so will spend a lot of our time running around buying things and doing work on site....and taking pics.

Things finally feel like they're moving!

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