Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's all downhill from here...

My husband and I have decided to build our new home. A home we intend to be our forever home. Are we insane? Probably.

Our 1000m2 downward sloping block was purchased way back in November 2007. We always had the intention of building in 5 years.... so now, here we are.

We have chosen to build with a custom design builder and we have recently finalised our floorplans and made some amendments to the electrical plans.

Now we are waiting on the rest of the working drawings. It's already 5th December so will it be possible to have our plans finalised by the end of the year... probably not.

Both of us are very keen to commence the build early in the year, in the hope that the house will be at lock up stage by winter. The builders expect the project will take 9 to 12 months to build so with a bit of luck we may be spending our last Christmas in our current house.

Stay tuned, subscribe and join us on our crazy ride.

It's all downhill from here....


  1. Hi Mrs Royal :-) I read your first post and thought I could even copy-paste it and post as mine as we are in a very similar situation (forever home, sloppy block, custom builder) so you are not alone!!! on a crazy ride. Looking forward to follow your progress
    RagnarsWife from homeone forum

    1. Thanks RagnarsWife! I'm enjoying your build thread :)